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Coaching and Facilitation

Would you like more clarity on the areas of relationships, or sex? Would you like someone to chat to and explore your experiences and what can be different in the future?

I have found that having a safe space where you can discuss things openly, and unpack them in a way that makes more sense to you, can be a huge gift and can really help moving these areas of your life forward.

I started my journey into relationships quite late in life, and effectively had to just dive into the deep end of the pool and learn to swim, and while it wasn’t always the easiest or most pleasant way to go, it brought with it a huge amount of joy and reward.

I dived into every relationship book I could find, every online course and slowly started putting together a body of knowledge that worked. And it was only when I hosted a seminar on relationships overseas, that I realised how much I actually enjoyed chatting about this topic and contributing to people in these areas.

People got so much out of the seminar and came out of it with a different perspective and set of tools to start them on their journey.

Now everyone is unique and deals with things differently, so this really is a journey and investment into yourself, if you are willing to make it. I started this journey with no clue on where to turn, or what to do and stumbled my way through it, and hopefully you can use what I’ve learnt and discovered and find a path that works for you.

Relationships and Sex can be challenging for people, especially when you are more aware or empathetic, as there are so many different perspectives and we are taught to validate our parents or societies views, which may not actually work for you.

And have you ever noticed how love means different things for different people? Or how you can love someone totally and they will feel like you don’t care about them?

Join me on a journey as we get to explore this together and start living the lives we truly desire, but haven’t quite gotten to yet!

And trust that you will get the things you desire, and everything that shows up that isn’t what you want, gives you more clarity on what works for you.