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Don’t let an illness keep you down

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We often tend to forget about our bodies needs, and just follow our own whims, but if you are someone who has any form of body issues or conditions, you will know how much that can impact on the quality and enjoyment of your life.

Everything we do on this planet, requires our bodies participation and if something isn’t working great with your body, or you are feeling sick, etc it can either make everyday activities less enjoyable, or cause you to retreat into your shell and not want to come out and experience things with different people.

For me, I grew up with a lung condition and I struggled for years to see my own worth, and to believe that anyone else would see any value in me. And it took a lot of personal development work, as well as taking risks, and trying new things, to start appreciating the gift I am, and can be to those people around me.

Now I’m not going to dive too deeply into my own experiences, as everyone has a different story. Instead, I’d like to share a few things’s I’ve done to change the issues I’ve had with my body, that have over time allowed me to live a fuller, richer and more pleasurable life.

First thing first, if you are reading this, you likely know that there is something different available and I’d like to let you know that you are able to change anything, you just have to keep going and not give up, no matter how fruitless or tough things get.

Do something different

If there is anything in life that isn’t working for you, the key to changing it, is to do something different. It’s truly that simple..

It’s the little steps that count

We have a tendency to try make big changes, or look for the one thing that will change everything, but while that might work occasionally, I’d like to suggest a more sustainable way of proceeding, that is also easier to implement.

Start making different choices in your everyday life. It doesn’t matter what these choices are, or how small they appear, it’s just about making a different choice.

Think about it from this perspective, if you are walking in a desert and heading towards an oasis of water, even a 1 degree shift off course, could mean you miss the oasis by 1000 miles.

Why, you may ask? Well, every choice compounds on the one before, in the same way that every step you take, builds on the one before and as you continue moving forward, your small course changes will gradually build upon one another, until you have a completely different life to the one you had before.

You could do this by having a bath, instead of a shower, or walking up the stairs to the office, rather than taking the elevator, or sleeping for an hour extra, rather than scrolling TikTok, or eating dessert, rather than abstaining, or it might be watching TV to relax, it might even be taking the scenic route home from work, rather than the fastest route. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just about making different choices to the ones you normally make.

I often laugh at myself, because I used to absolutely hate dog hair, and having anything “dirty”, on my hands and clothes would drive me crazy, and yet, just making small choices, often at other peoples beckoning, to touch a puppy, or let a dog sit on my lap, or talking about getting dogs with a girlfriend, has over time, led me to getting my own dog and I am now looking to get a few more as I enjoy them so much. What does this have to do with health… well, I’m way more active now, I get outdoors more often, I am happier, and somehow I know my life will keep getting better, just for having a pet in it.

And that isn’t over a long period of time, the shift probably took 3 years to make and it was made with small steps that gradually changed the trajectory of my life, to a point I didn’t think I’d ever get to.

This story is to illustrate how this works, and I’ve done it time and again with different areas of my life.


Depression is a symptom of a lack of movement in your life, and can become all consuming over time and seem impossible to change. And yet, if you start adding movement into your life, you will gradually start to shift things to the point where depression isn’t present anymore.

And I’m not saying you mustn’t seek medical or professional assistance if necessary, if this is something you would like to change, then it’s up to you to do what will work for you.

When I talk about movement, it comes in many forms. Physical movement can make a huge difference to your mental wellbeing, as well as your enjoyment of your body, and I always suggest moving physically whenever possible. Movement can also occur mentally, like looking at things from a different perspective, or reading a book, or exploring what you are grateful about, in your life.

Movement can also be achieved by making progress in you work life, or doing small things to improve your relationships, or even leaving relationships behind that no longer serve you.

All of these things start to give you a sense of progress and over time compound into you having a completely different mindset to what you had before.

I know I have been depressed at various stages of my life, and most of it was around my physical health, or a relationship dynamic, or financial issues that didn’t seem possible to change, and yet, over time I have changed all of these things. What has also helped is following through on projects I’d love to bring into the world and even if I’m only making small steps in them, the sense of joy and accomplishment is palpable.


With everything in life, you have to march to your own beat. You can’t follow anyone else’s lead, or make their judgements of how life works, more relevant that what you know is possible for you, no matter how much you have buried it.

Each of us is unique and we all have different backgrounds, upbringings and experiences and as such, there is no real cookie cutter approach to life, and you have to find your own way through.

And learning to trust yourself is something you develop over time, by making choices that work for you, over and over again, no matter what other people think of them. And you may stumble and fall along the way, but ultimately, you will create a live you love to live.

And this also applies dynamically to your body and health, don’t let anyone tell you something isn’t possible or that you can’t change something. That is one of the biggest and most disempowering things someone can do to you, and yet, because we are all different, what you can choose and create is different from what they can choose and create.

I’ve seen people change incurable diseases and experience miracles with their bodies, because they chose to find their own way, and discover for themselves, what is true for them.

Never give up!

This one is vital. No matter what is going on, or how impossible something seems, never give up on yourself and what you know is possible.

Everything we have available to us today, is a result of somebody who didn’t give up on themselves. Imagine being the person who wanted to ride a horse, rather than walking. They would have been ridiculed and rejected, and yet, using horses for transport was one of the things that changed the entire course of our civilization.

Or imagine what the person who saw potential in fire went through, when they presented the idea to others. And the idea of using fire for cooking led to a huge increase in our brain capacity and development, and we use fire in almost everything we do today, be it from moving our vehicles and aircrafts, to powering our electrical power stations, or just for cooking.

Don’t give up on you, you are unique and have a different perspective on life than anyone else, and through that you can create miracles on earth, if you just keep going.


Everything in your life is built upon the things that came before, and often times, certain pieces of the ever moving puzzle of the universe need to fall into place, before we can have certain things. I’m sure people have dreamed of flying for time immemorial and yet, we had to move from horses, boats, cars, etc until we got to aeroplanes, and now we are starting to see flying cars and jet packs. And I’m sure we will move ever closer to actually being able to soar through the skies with eagles.

So while you walk your path, making different choices to the ones you made before, and don’t give up on yourself, you also need to be patient and let life unfold in it’s own way, until it can deliver the things you would like, to you. It never shows up how you think it will, so don’t get despondent if things seem to be going in a different direction to what you decided they should.

Questions to create change –

I like to be curious about life and continuously question things, and ask questions, to change my perspective on things and have ever greater possibilities show up for me. Some of the questions I like to ask are as follows. These aren’t questions that require answers, instead, they are questions to help you start unlocking what you may always have known is possible, but aren’t yet ready to know.

If I know not this, what else would be possible? This I ask whenever I’m experiencing something that I don’t enjoy as a way of accessing what is possible beyond what I currently know and expect.

What can I be or do different to change this? This is one of my favourite questions, as things will seem to change without me knowing how or why. It’s sneaky effective.

What is true for me, that I haven’t yet discovered? This is a lovely question to help you recognise what is true for you, that may not be true for other people.

What will it take, to have ….. in my life? This can be used to open the door for anything to show up in your life

I invite you to put the above into practice, and I’d suggest revisiting this article occasionally, to remind yourself of the info contained herein.

I’ve used these tools to change my health dynamically, I’ve used them to change food allergies, fitness levels, body shape, romantic relationships, money flows and so much more!

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