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Welcome to this website and thanks for visiting!

During the meandering journey of my life, I have often been approached by people asking for advice, or seeking to know what I know about the areas of sex and relationships, as well as having ease in one’s life. Now I can’t say exactly how I came to know a lot about these things, perhaps it’s something I’m naturally gifted with, perhaps it’s a result of a misspent youth diving into self help books and blog posts (Before the era of podcasts) or maybe I’m just crazy and have no idea what I’m talking about!

Either way, we live in a world where you can be as crazy or normal as you like, and like minded people can seek you out on the internet and connect with your thoughts and ideas.

Now I can’t say that I have the easiest time posting videos or hosting podcasts, but I do love talking about sex and relationships, and when I have held classes or met people seeking something different in their lives, I thoroughly enjoy exploring what else they can choose and create!

You see, from my point of view, your perspective changes how your life shows up – if you are constantly judging yourself and looking at the world through a lens of sadness or depression, that’s all you will see. If you are happy, more happiness seems to show up.

Now that’s not to say that if you have a perspective shift, everything will be sunshine and roses, but it does mean that you will enjoy your life more and possibly start living a life that’s fun for you, regardless of if it makes sense to others.

And as a bit of fun, I also upload a few erotic audio stories here for those of you that are interested. This particular talent (which may be questionable) is one I stumbled upon quite by accident, and yet, it appeals to my dark sense of humour, and my enjoyment of pleasure in the sexual realms, so I hope those of you that are interested, find some pleasure in them, and for everyone else, hopefully the other content on this site is a contribution.